Hong Kong Company Secretary

Under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) of the Laws of Hong Kong, each limited company in Hong Kong must appoint a company secretary to perform certain statutory liabilities of the company. A Company Secretary must be either a Hong Kong resident or a Hong Kong registered company.

The sole director of a private company must not also be the company secretary. A private company having only one director must not have a body corporate as its company secretary the sole director of which is the sole director of the private company.

The main duties of a Company Secretary include updating and maintaining of statutory books, filing of annual return with and reporting to the Companies Registry regarding the change of the share structure, directors and shareholders, etc, and preparing board minutes and arranging for annual general meetings as required by law.

Services including:

  • Acting as your Company Secretary
  • Statutory documents preparation and filing with the Companies Registry
  • Preparing meeting minutes and agendas
  • Updating statutory books
  • Provide advice and consultancy services

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